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The SERA is the largest Amateur Radio Repeater Coordinating organization in the United States. We are delighted that you have stopped by. Whether you are looking for specific information or just surfing the web, we encourage you to browse through the information presented here. We hope that in some way this web site will be beneficial to you.


As the trustee/or trustee owner of one or more repeaters coordinated with the SouthEastern Repeater Association (SERA), you are hereby notified that the listed repeater(s) will be listed as uncoordinated in the August, 2014 SERA Repeater Journal due to failure to maintain repeater and contact information as required. The frequency pair will be turned in to the SERA Universal Coordination System and made available for new coordination applications on or after September 15, 2014. To see a list of the repeater(s) that are subject to de-coordination, go to the SERA website at http://www.sera.org. You are hereby notified in writing at the address listed in the FCC ULS database for your callsign or the club callsign verified by a USPS Certificate of Mailing. If no further response is received by SERA by June 15, 2014, a de-coordination action of the repeater(s) will result. Mail returned because of incorrect addresses will also result in de-coordination action. The basis for the above action is: SERA POLICY 13 - TRUSTEE RESPONSIBILITY The trustee of a coordinated repeater shall notify their SERA Frequency Coordinator of a change in his email or physical address change in the SERA UCS. The trustee should also make the changes in the FCC ULS database, in writing, within ten days of any change in their mailing address. Trustees shall notify their Frequency Coordinator in writing by email, within ten days of the date the repeater ceases operation. If a repeater permanently ceases operation or is sold for relocation, the trustee shall notify their Frequency Coordinator in writing, within ten days of the event. Such cessation letter will be construed to mean the trustee is relinquishing the assigned frequency pair. Failure to keep current in the SERA UCS may also be construed as notification that the repeater has ceased operation and the frequencies are available for re-assignment. NOTE: If the repeater owner or trustee of record fails to keep the SERA UCS current for a period of two consecutive years, the SERA shall automatically de-coordinate the frequency pair and list that repeater as uncoordinated in the SERA Database and Repeater Journal. Failure after a period of one year shall mean removal from the annual data provided to the ARRL for its repeater directory. The SERA Universal Coordination System is available online at www.scheart.us/sera. Written requests should be mailed to: SERA, P.O. Box 727, Lawrenceville, GA 30046. 73, John M. Crockett, Jr. W3KH SERA Vice President Chairman of the Frequency Coordination Committee



Effective January 2015 Full Membership with voting rights will receive one (1) Journal rather than two (2) The dues will not change. Hopefully this will prevent a increase in the price of the journal.

On Line SERA Full and Associate Membership Renewal by Credit Card

The SERA UCS (Universal Coordination System) is now ON LINE

Click on the hyperlink above and you will be directed to our Frequency Coordination page. Then scroll down until you see the header shown here.

Our first steps will be to allow for you as a repeater owner/trustee to register for use on our system. Other steps will be forthcoming.Please feel free to revisit our site as we release other implemented increments to our system. If you are a repeater owner/trustee, please follow the link above to begin your registration. Membership in the SERA is NOT required, but your support is appreciated!

ALL Questions regarding the new SERA UCS are to be referred to John Crockett, W3KH, Project Manager at: w3kh@sera.org

The President's Message to SERA Members:

I welcome you to the SouthEastern Repeater Association (SERA) webite. SERA provides voluntary frequency coordination for amateur radio repeaters in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. On this website you will be able to apply for a frequency pair for your repeater by using our new UCS system. As far as I know, we are the only frequency coordinating body to be 100% on line. We are now paperless. Our website also supplies band plans and points of contact for your state. SERA coordinators are trained and certified and they are fellow hams that volunteer their time to put something back into our hobby.

Other items of interest on the website are highlights of our quarterly publication, the SERA Repeater Journal, associate and full member applications, district information, and links to other coordinating bodies. Your membership dues can now be paid directly on our website by using your credit card. We do not charge for our services, however we do appreciate you supporting us by being a full or associate member.

Inquires regarding repeater projects or coordinations should go to your state representative; however, I welcome you to contact me if you feel a need to do so! Unfortunately we are not able to approve every request. This is due to our minimum distance requirements on same and adjacent frequencies. If you are the owner or trustee of a SERA coordinated repeater and have not registered in the new UCS System, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do this.

Roger W. Gregory, W4RWG
SERA President
119 Royal Oak Drive
Union, South Carolina 29379-9710
Home 864-427-1462

The SERA Board of Directors meets two times a year.
Read the Board Meeting Minutes Here.

Elected Officers:
- President - Roger Gregory, W4RWG
- Vice President - John Crockett, W3KH
- Secretary - Dr. Ron Johnson, WB4GWA
- Treasurer - John Davis, WB4QDX

Appointed Officials:
- Executive Committee Member (at Large) - Danny Hampton, K4ITL /and/ Technical Committee Chairman
- Membership Manager & Database Administrator - Dr. Mike Fariss, K4EZ
- FCC Liaison - Dr. Mike Fariss, K4EZ
- Repeater Journal Editor - Norman Schklar

P.O. Box 727
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

For documentation purposes we need your inquiries sent by e-Mail; however, if you have an urgent inquiry, our main contact number is: 888-HAM-SERA (888-426-7372). This is the only official internet web site approved by the SERA Board of Directors.

The SouthEastern Repeater Association, Inc.