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The SERA is the largest Amateur Radio Repeater Coordinating organization in the United States. We are delighted that you have stopped by. Whether you are looking for specific information or just surfing the web, we encourage you to browse through the information presented here. We hope that in some way this web site will be beneficial to you.


As the trustee/or trustee owner of one or more repeaters coordinated with the SouthEastern Repeater Association (SERA), you are hereby notified that the listed repeater(s) will be listed as uncoordinated in the August, 2014 SERA Repeater Journal due to failure to maintain repeater and contact information as required. The frequency pair will be turned in to the SERA Universal Coordination System and made available for new coordination applications on or after September 15, 2014. To see a list of the repeater(s) that are subject to de-coordination, go to the SERA website at http://www.sera.org. You are hereby notified in writing at the address listed in the FCC ULS database for your callsign or the club callsign verified by a USPS Certificate of Mailing. If no further response is received by SERA by June 15, 2014, a de-coordination action of the repeater(s) will result. Mail returned because of incorrect addresses will also result in de-coordination action. The basis for the above action is: SERA POLICY 13 - TRUSTEE RESPONSIBILITY The trustee of a coordinated repeater shall notify their SERA Frequency Coordinator of a change in his email or physical address change in the SERA UCS. The trustee should also make the changes in the FCC ULS database, in writing, within ten days of any change in their mailing address. Trustees shall notify their Frequency Coordinator in writing by email, within ten days of the date the repeater ceases operation. If a repeater permanently ceases operation or is sold for relocation, the trustee shall notify their Frequency Coordinator in writing, within ten days of the event. Such cessation letter will be construed to mean the trustee is relinquishing the assigned frequency pair. Failure to keep current in the SERA UCS may also be construed as notification that the repeater has ceased operation and the frequencies are available for re-assignment. NOTE: If the repeater owner or trustee of record fails to keep the SERA UCS current for a period of two consecutive years, the SERA shall automatically de-coordinate the frequency pair and list that repeater as uncoordinated in the SERA Database and Repeater Journal. Failure after a period of one year shall mean removal from the annual data provided to the ARRL for its repeater directory. The SERA Universal Coordination System is available online at www.scheart.us/sera. Written requests should be mailed to: SERA, P.O. Box 727, Lawrenceville, GA 30046. >

AA4BA 444.0750 Gainesville GA AD4EQ 147.3150 Douglas GA AE4JO 147.2400 Emerson GA AE4JO 443.4250 Emerson GA AE4PO 146.6400 Waycross GA AE4PO 444.0250 Waycross GA AE4PO 147.2550 Waycross GA AE4PO 145.2700 Waycross GA AE4PO 53.4100 Waycross GA AF4MI 441.8000 Sylvania GA AG4PR 444.7250 Dallas GA K3SRC 146.8500 Savannah GA K4GZX 444.3000 Athens/crawford GA K4JPD 147.1950 Austell GA K4TVE 146.7300 Brunswick GA K4TVE 444.9750 Brunswick GA K4VJM 442.6250 Cleveland GA K9RFA 224.5800 Alpharetta GA KA4IJL 443.5750 Covington GA KA4WUJ 145.4900 Cordele GA KA5WZY 53.1500 Atlanta GA KA5WZY 443.6000 Atlanta GA KB3KHP 443.9500 Ball Ground GA KB4KIN 1292.0000 Atlanta GA KB4MDE 443.4250 Jasper GA KB4NPO 443.9750 Rex GA KB4VAK 443.4500 High Pt/lookt Mt GA KC4CBQ 444.6750 Hiawassee GA KC4ELV 444.7500 Conyers GA KC4ENL 442.8250 Hapeville GA KC4JNN 224.1600 Biskey Mtn GA KC4JNN 53.0500 Biskey Mt. GA KC4KLW 224.7800 Cedartown GA KC4YNF 441.8000 Acworth GA KC4YNY 444.3000 Hogansville GA KC4YVV 441.8500 Dalton GA KD4AKZ 53.8100 Suwanee GA KD4ALC 224.1400 Waleska GA KD4BDB 53.2300 Warm Springs GA KD4CPO 443.4250 Brunswick GA KD4DXR 441.3500 Waleska GA KD4FVI 53.3300 Crawford GA KD4NTF 443.5750 Cedartown GA KD4YOR 442.6500 Buford GA KE4QFG 224.2600 Marietta GA KE4QFG 442.3750 Marietta GA KE4QFG 442.7250 Marietta/atl GA KE4SJO 444.2250 Woodstock GA KE4SNT 147.3900 Black Rock Mt GA KE4UWJ 147.1350 Milledgeville GA KE4VCV 444.9500 Cedartown GA KE4ZRT 147.0450 Douglas GA KE4ZRT 147.1650 Douglas GA KE4ZRT 443.0000 Douglas GA KF4OYP 443.6250 Jasper GA KG4ABK 147.2250 Doerun GA KG4LMT 927.7125 Stone Mountain GA KG4PUW 443.1250 Stockbridge GA KI4VDP 443.7250 Omaha GA KJ4SLT 443.8000 Brunswick GA KK4MH 443.0250 Flintstone GA KO4QJ 145.2300 Hahira GA KQ4XL 29.6200 Monroe GA KQ4XL 443.9250 Monroe GA N1QJ 224.3000 Baconton GA N3APR 442.2000 Decatur GA N3EAY 443.0250 Saint Marys GA N4BBQ 444.9000 Dahlonega GA N4CHC 444.2750 Buchanan GA N4GJF 927.6250 Buford GA N4GWO 443.6750 Barnesville GA N4MNA 224.2800 Conley GA N4MNA 53.6500 Conley GA N4MTA 224.5000 Acworth/atl GA N4MTA 224.3200 Acworth/atl GA N4MXC 444.7750 Cochran GA N4NEQ 146.7750 Marietta GA N4NEQ 147.3450 Atlanta/marietta GA N4NEQ 444.7750 Atlanta/marietta GA N4NEQ 224.4400 Atlanta/marietta GA N4NEQ 427.2500 Atlanta/marietta GA N4NEQ 224.2200 Atlanta/marietta GA N4NEQ 147.1650 Morganton GA N4NFP 224.1200 Atlanta/marietta GA N4PJR 146.9250 Jesup GA N4PJR 147.3450 Jesup/screven GA N4PJR 444.9250 Jesup GA N4PQR 443.5250 Knoxville GA N4UER 146.9850 Warm Springs GA N4UER 442.4000 Warm Springs GA N4XQM 442.5250 Atlanta GA N4YDX 224.1800 Dallas GA N4YEA 224.5400 Dallas GA N4YXL 444.8500 Greensboro GA N4YYD 224.2400 Ft Mt/chatswth GA N4ZON 146.8650 Jesup GA N4ZON 441.6750 Jesup GA N4ZRF 444.7500 Lakemont GA N6EMA 147.1950 Kingsland GA NP2Y 224.6600 Young Harris GA NU4T 443.2750 Rockmart GA NU4T 443.5250 Rome GA W1BPP 444.6250 Moultrie GA W1MED 442.4750 Marlow GA W4BPY 442.5750 Cumming GA W4CSX 224.9200 Snellville GA W4CSX 441.9250 Dallas GA W4GM 444.9250 Gainesville GA W4JLG 442.3250 Mableton GA W4MAZ 442.8750 Cochran GA W4MAZ 444.9750 Cochran GA W4MAZ 53.0100 Cochran GA W4MAZ 442.7000 Macon GA W4RLP 147.2250 Summerville GA W4SCR 147.3600 Douglasville GA W4SCR 145.1100 Douglasville GA W4SCR 444.5750 Douglasville GA W4VZB 443.8250 Social Circle GA W4ZTL 421.2500 Atlanta GA W8BLA 442.0750 Roswell GA WA4EQL 145.1900 Jesup GA WA4NNO 147.0000 Gainesville GA WA4OGE 145.3300 Jonesboro GA WA4VHP 427.2500 Savannah GA WA4VHP 923.0000 Savannah GA WA9RNZ 145.4300 Jesup GA WB4JEH 53.5500 Conyers GA WB4JEH 145.2300 Conyers GA WB4JEH 442.5500 Conyers GA WB4JEH 444.5500 Conyers GA WB4JEH 146.6100 Conyers GA WB4KXO 224.9400 Augusta GA WB4QGR 146.6400 Atlanta GA WB4RL 442.9250 Lithia Springs GA WB4VAK 444.2750 Cornelia GA WD4KOW 146.7900 Moultrie GA WD4OVN 53.4500 Pine Log Mt GA WR4MG 224.8200 Hawkinsville GA WR4SG 53.3900 Clyattville GA WR4SG 145.1700 Nickleville GA WW4GA 443.3000 Bogart GA AC4VV 444.4000 Shepherdsville KY AG4TY 146.7900 Halls Gap KY AG4TY 442.9750 Waynesburg KY K4GFY 146.9100 Morehead KY K4GFY 442.5000 Morehead KY K4ICN 147.3000 Allen KY K4NLT 145.4700 Hueysville KY K4NLT 224.2600 Garrett KY K4UKH 147.1200 Lexington KY KA4KMT 147.1200 Louisville KY KA4MKT 224.3000 Louisville KY KB4PTJ 53.0700 Williamsburg KY KB4PTJ 444.0500 Williamsburg KY KB8QLC 444.1250 Lexington KY KC4DUU 444.5500 Lexington KY KC4VYX 444.6750 Robinson Creek KY KC4ZFH 147.2850 London KY KD4DAR 224.6200 Pikeville KY KD4DAR 444.3750 Pikeville KY KD4RTR 443.4250 Millard KY KD4RTR 442.1500 Dorton KY KD4RTR 146.7450 Millard KY KD4RTR 444.2000 Pikeville KY KF4CWK 146.7750 Dawson Springs KY KF4JJD 442.4000 Garrett KY KF4RBD 444.2250 Rineyville KY KF4UAQ 53.2900 Louisville KY KG4M 147.0000 Williamsburg KY KI4CAZ 147.3300 Mt. Sterling KY KO4LI 444.9250 Olive Hill KY KQ9Z 147.3600 Louisville KY KR4BD 224.8000 Lexington KY KR4MT 443.8250 Paintsville KY KR4MT 444.3250 Watergap KY KS4TO 443.2250 Waddy KY KY4OC 147.3900 Crestwood KY N4IWZ 444.7750 Allen KY N4RBL 442.1000 Louisville Area KY N4RBL 224.7000 Louisville Area KY N7BBW 53.4300 Louisville KY N8OXA 443.5250 Burlington KY W4BEJ 146.9800 Elizabethtown KY W4BEJ 444.8000 Elizabethtown KY W4BEJ 146.9250 Radcliff KY W4CPT 147.0600 Mckee KY W4MOP 224.8200 Louisville KY W4MOP 444.5000 Louisville KY W4PJZ 147.0300 Louisville KY W4SJH 444.6000 Springfield KY W4YMT 442.6250 Harlan KY WA4SJH 147.3000 Springfield KY WA4YZY 146.6400 Pineville KY WB4ASZ 147.1200 Winchester KY WB4F 224.5800 Pikeville KY WB4LBR 52.0250 Louisville KY WD4GPO 444.5250 Paris KY AA5RZ 443.6250 Jackson East MS AB5DU 444.8500 Indianola MS AB5MU 444.6250 Nettleton MS AB5MU 53.0500 Nettleton MS AD5IT 444.7000 Grenada MS K0VNO 146.8500 Bay St. Louis MS K0VNO 224.8800 Bay St. Louis MS K5DMC 145.3300 Kiln MS K5HYE 53.0500 Mendenhall MS K5IJX 145.3700 Hattiesburg MS K5IJX 444.7750 Hattiesburg MS K5OCM 146.9100 Natchez MS K5PN 224.1400 Hattiesburg MS K5PRC 145.1500 Poplarville MS K5QNE 146.8800 Jackson MS K5SVC 147.3600 Natchez MS K5SVC 146.7450 Natchez MS K5TYP 146.7900 Biloxi MS K5TYP 224.5000 Biloxi MS K5XU 146.6400 Madison MS K5XXV 145.3300 Kiln MS KA5FYW 147.1950 Sumrall MS KA5LNY 147.3000 Magee MS KA5LNY 146.8200 Magee MS KA5LVU 145.4300 Columbus MS KA5NOJ 426.2500 Gautier MS KA5NOJ 911.2500 Gautier MS KA5SBK 146.9400 Jackson MS KA5TQY 146.7150 Greenwood MS KB5CO 444.6000 Jackson MS KB5CO 444.8000 Jackson MS KB5DMT 146.9850 Senatobia MS KB5DSN 147.0900 Amory MS KB5DSN 444.8250 Amory MS KB5DZJ 443.3000 Wiggins MS KB5HAV 444.3750 Pearl MS KB5KGE 145.3900 Jackson MS KB5KGE 444.3250 Jackson MS KB5LCL 444.4500 Jackson MS KB5LCL 147.0450 Morton MS KB5MPW 53.6500 Bay Saint Louis MS KB5MPW 29.6400 Bay Saint Louis MS KB5MPW 146.7000 Bay St. Louis MS KB5MPW 147.3000 Bay St Louis MS KB5OXE 443.9750 Derby MS KB5UIX 147.1350 Vossburg MS KB5ZZC 444.3250 Columbus MS KC5IF 145.4100 D'iberville MS KC5IF 444.5500 N.biloxi/d'iberv MS KC5KLW 145.2900 Oxford MS KC5LXF 444.8500 Pinola MS KC5NIX 145.1100 Okolona MS KC5OB 146.9550 Isola MS KC5PIA 53.4500 Laurel MS KC5PIA 444.9750 Laurel MS KC5QGC 147.3600 Louisville MS KC5QYG 145.2300 Mclain MS KC5RC 147.2550 Laurel MS KC5RC 444.3000 Heidelberg MS KC5TGT 146.7300 Utica MS KC5ULN 444.9250 Columbus MS KC5VZI 145.2300 New Albany MS KC5VZI 146.7450 New Albany MS KC5ZZH 146.6550 Meridian MS KD5AHI 444.4500 Aberdeen MS KD5CQX 145.2900 Vicksburg MS KD5RZQ 147.1800 West Point MS KD5YTB 146.7750 Cleveland MS KE5IPO 444.9750 Tishomingo MS KE5SJ 146.8800 Pascagoula MS KE5ST 224.9000 Pontotoc MS KE5ST 444.6500 Horn Lake MS KE5TL 147.0000 Vancleave MS KE5WGF 147.0000 Leakesville MS KE5WGF 444.2250 Leakesville MS KE5YES 147.2250 Yazoo City MS KF5C 146.8050 Starkville MS KF5IZ 147.1500 Pearl/rankin Co MS KG5SF 147.3450 Greenville MS KI5WK 146.9250 Waynesboro MS KK5RK 145.3300 Gulfport MS KK5RK 444.2500 Gulfport MS KK5RK 147.3300 Mchenry MS KK5RK 444.7500 Mchenry MS KO5S 146.7900 West Point MS KX5E 145.4300 Gloster MS N4DRL 224.5000 Byhalia MS N4DRL 224.8800 Warsaw MS N4DRL 29.6800 Byhalia MS N4DRL 53.2700 Byhalia MS N4DRL 145.3300 Byhalia MS N4DRL 147.2250 Byhalia MS N4KMH 443.4500 Helena MS N5DXM 147.0000 Water Valley MS N5IAT 443.8000 Natchez MS N5MRS 147.0900 New Hebron MS N5NBG 145.2700 Horn Lake MS N5NBG 444.6500 Horn Lake MS N5NNI 444.5250 New Hebron MS N5OCF 444.6250 Richton MS N5OCF 147.0600 Richton MS N5OS 146.9700 Pascagoula MS N5PH 146.9700 Pascagoula MS N5PS 444.6750 Greenville MS N5PS 444.9750 O'reilly MS N5PS 147.3450 Greenville MS N5PS 444.7750 Sataria MS N5YNY 147.1950 Columbia MS N5ZDF 443.9500 Hazlehurst MS N5ZMZ 145.3500 Utica MS N5ZMZ 147.3450 Utica MS N5ZNS 443.8250 Gloster MS NC5Y 147.0750 Jackson MS NC5Y 444.7000 Jackson MS NM5D 224.7800 Ackerman MS NM5D 224.8200 Ackerman MS NM5D 443.6500 Ackerman MS NM5D 444.9000 Ackerman MS NO5N 147.1200 Ackerman MS W4ZCD 444.7250 Hickory Flat MS W5AXQ 146.7600 Jackson MS W5BJT 147.2250 French Camp MS W5CJR 224.7400 Hattiesburg MS W5JVK 147.1950 Silver Creek MS W5LAF 147.3300 Oxford MS W5LAF 444.3500 Oxford MS W5LAR 146.6100 Laurel MS W5LDD 147.0300 Ocean Springs MS W5LV 146.7000 Grenada MS W5OXA 147.2250 D'iberville MS W5OXA 444.9500 Biloxi MS W5OXA 443.9250 Biloxi MS W5PES 145.1100 Morton MS W5PFC 53.4700 Jackson MS W5SAR 443.5000 Waynesboro MS W5SAR 145.2100 Waynesboro MS W5SAR 147.1050 Waynesboro MS W5SAR 443.5500 Waynesboro MS W5SAR 224.1400 Waynesboro MS W5SGL 146.7300 Biloxi MS W5UBG 146.6700 New Albany MS W5WA 145.1100 Vancleave MS W5WQ 146.8500 Bude MS W5WQ 146.9400 Mccomb MS W5WQ 444.8750 Mccomb MS WA5JZL 146.9100 Lucedale MS WA5MBA 146.8200 Greenville MS WA5WRE 29.6200 Poplarville MS WB4FUR 444.6500 Stennis Spc Cen MS WB4FUR 421.2500 Stennis Space Ce MS WB5FXH 147.0900 Sumner MS WB5GOJ 145.3100 Chatawa MS WB5NAY 146.6400 Mooreville MS WB5NAY 147.3800 Pontotoc MS WB5OWY 224.7800 Vicksburg MS WB5TTE 444.9250 Vicksburg MS WB5USN 147.2700 Aberdeen MS WB5VYH 145.4700 Abbeville MS WB5YGI 444.9500 Philadelphia MS WD5HLD 443.8750 Meridian MS AE4GA 444.7000 Statesville NC AK4H 147.2700 Raleigh/benson NC K4CTY 146.9400 Burgaw NC K4GWH 443.7250 Graham NC K4GWH 147.3750 Graham NC K4JEQ 444.0000 Hickory NC K4WDG 444.1750 Pittsboro NC K4YEC 444.8000 Reidsville NC KA4BQM 444.5500 Roanoke Rapids NC KA4SQN 224.3200 Jacksonville NC KB4DJT 147.0300 Roanoke Rapids NC KB4HG 441.9500 Sanford NC KB4HG 442.5375 Chapel Hill NC KC4KPW 443.8750 Piney Knob NC KC4QZL 443.8000 Morganton NC KC4WDI 443.2000 Youngsville NC KC4YOT 442.7000 Gastonia NC KC4ZTI 443.7500 Gastonia/crwdr NC KD4BJD 146.9700 Benson NC KD4CPV 224.2200 Louisburg NC KD4EAD 147.3750 Bethel NC KD4FRP 443.6750 Crowder's Mt NC KD4FWS 53.0700 Mt.airy/fancy Gp NC KD4GEU 442.6500 Asheville NC KD4KTO 444.0000 Stacy NC KD4MMP 444.7250 Winston-salem NC KD4PBS 442.0750 Apex NC KD4RAA 444.6750 Raleigh NC KD4RAA 444.8750 Wendell NC KD4RAA 146.7750 Raleigh NC KD4RAA 146.8050 Morehead City NC KD4RAA 443.4500 Cane Mt NC KD4WAR 147.3750 Burnsville NC KD4WAR 146.9550 Burnsville NC KD4WAR 443.6500 Burnsville NC KD4WAR 224.7400 Burnsville NC KE4DGP 442.4750 Wilkesboro NC KE4KIV 442.6250 Newton NC KE4QAP 444.9750 Sophia NC KE4QEA 444.2000 King NC KE4UIU 443.4750 Canton NC KF4DWV 444.9500 Greensboro NC KF4UY 444.8250 Mt Airy/fsh Pk NC KG4DNC 927.7125 Gastonia NC KG4IWI 442.1250 Henderson NC KG4LWG 442.7750 Gastonia NC KI4GMA 146.8050 Canton NC KI4GMA 444.8500 Canton NC KI4PJL 444.4750 Charlotte NC KI4RR 146.6250 Laurinburg NC KI4UBG 443.2750 Statesville NC N2EMD 224.6800 Spruce Pine NC N4DBM 443.8250 Laurinburg NC N4DBM 146.9850 Elizabethtown NC N4DBM 444.7250 Bladenboro NC N4LEX 145.3100 Lexington NC N4ROZ 442.7750 High Point NC N4UQS 224.9600 Hendersonville NC NC4MO 53.7100 Robbinsville/and NC NC4RA 29.6400 Angier NC NC4RA 927.5375 Angier NC NC4SU 442.6750 Raleigh NC NE4J 444.6500 Middlesex NC NO4EL 444.6000 Oxford NC W1SMW 443.8250 Garner NC W4BAD 53.7500 Durham NC W4BAD 444.5750 Durham NC W4BAD 441.6750 Roxboro NC W4BAD 145.3700 Durham NC W4BAD 145.1700 Oxford NC W4BAD 443.1750 Raleigh NC W4EWN 444.9000 New Bern NC W4EWN 146.6100 New Bern NC W4FAL 444.3000 Raleigh NC W4GDF 147.0900 Greenvl/estn Nc NC W4MKD 145.2500 Elizabethtown NC W4REG 147.3600 Durham NC W4UUU 443.3250 Elizabeth City NC W4ZU 146.7750 Holden Beach NC WA1YYN 443.4250 Res. Triangle Pk NC WA4DAN 224.8400 Grifton NC WA4DAN 224.7200 Trenton NC WA4LBT 443.7000 Locust NC WA4NNA 443.1250 Raleigh NC WB4DVN 444.6250 Lumberton NC WB4IKY 444.3500 Burlington NC WB4IKY 145.4900 Gibsonville NC WB4IKY 443.0250 Burlington NC WB4PLA 146.8350 Asheville NC WB4SRV 443.7750 North Wilkesboro NC WB4SRV 53.8100 Claremont NC WB4TOP 146.6100 Raleigh NC 20041002 147.0750 Eastover SC AC4WW 443.4000 Aiken SC AG4VT 441.9000 Pacolet SC AI4JE 443.2500 Iva SC K4NAB 146.7300 N. Augusta SC K4YS 145.1100 Fort Mill SC K4YS 443.4750 Fort Mill SC KB4VFD 147.2100 Moncks Corner SC KC4ED 442.3000 Summerville SC KC4ED 441.2500 Summerville SC KC4ED 441.3375 Summerville SC KD4BMX 146.9550 Pine Ridge SC KD4TRL 224.8000 Fort Mill SC KE4EAN 443.6250 Cowpens SC KF4BJO 53.4700 Gaffney SC KF4IWA 53.5900 Mountain Rest SC KF4SXO 146.6250 Chester SC KF4VGX 146.8650 Little River SC KF4Y 443.7750 Laurens SC KG4BZN 147.1350 Walterboro SC KG4BZN 444.5500 Walterboro SC KG4BZN 145.3900 Walterboro SC KG4LAP 145.2100 Smoaks SC KI4WVC 442.8000 Spartanburg-c SC KT4YW 444.6000 No. Charleston SC KU4ZS 442.1750 Grnvle/glassy SC KU4ZS 444.9000 Gaffney SC N4GUP 421.2500 Lexington SC N4JTH 147.2850 Myb Bch/brksvil SC N4MNH 444.3000 Charleston SC N4ULE 441.8500 Lexington SC W4ZKM 145.4500 Savannah River SC WD4CHS 441.8750 Florence SC WD4CWY 442.4250 Newberry SC AA4TA 442.6250 Indian Mound TN K4DXC 145.2900 Ridgetop TN W4CHM 442.9000 Clarksville TN W4RB 444.5750 Troy TN W4RB 927.6000 Troy TN WB4EPG 442.6250 Collierville TN WB4EPG 927.5370 Collierville TN WB4EPG 927.5375 Collierville TN WT4E 444.6250 Collierville TN WT4E 145.3300 Collierville TN WT4X 442.5750 Carthage TN WT4X 146.6850 Carthage TN AB4EM 224.9400 Roanoke/cahas Mt VA AB4M 224.2800 Lynchburg VA AD4OV 145.4300 Coeburn VA K4AU 146.7000 Danvile/wht Oak VA K4AU 444.7000 Danvile/wht Oak VA K4GWC 927.5375 Pearisburg VA K4MMS 444.7250 Boyton VA K4RCA 224.5000 Martinsville VA K4TFC 146.6250 Axton VA KB4ILD 147.3750 Lynchburg VA KB4WTP 444.8750 Big A Mtn VA KB4WTP 444.5500 Copper Ridge VA KB8KSP 442.9750 Abingdon VA KC4MAI 147.3900 Wise VA KC4MZN 224.2200 Bucks Elbow VA KD4FWS 444.9250 Fancy Gap VA KD4KAU 145.4500 Staunton VA KD4TBC 444.0750 Gretna/smith Mt VA KD4TC 146.8050 Big "a" Mtn VA KD4TMB 443.1750 Fork Mountain VA KD4ZTK 147.2400 Boydton VA KE4CKJ 147.0450 Staunton/el.kb VA KE4CKJ 444.1000 Staunton/el Knob VA KE4CKJ 224.3000 Staunton/el Knob VA KE4KEH 53.5700 Lynchburg VA KE4NYV 927.5125 Poor Mtn VA KE4SFU 53.1700 Rice VA KE4ZBH 146.9100 Farmville VA KE4ZBH 145.3300 Farmville VA KF4VED 224.1600 Bluemtn VA KF4YI 442.4000 Lynchbg/jack Mt. VA KG4HOT 224.6000 Marshall Manor VA KG4UAV 442.1000 Henry VA KK4EH 146.8350 Grundy/big A Mt VA KM4FY 147.1500 Richlands VA KM4TT 920.9000 Roanoke VA KU4RK 146.8050 Claypool Hill VA N3XA 426.2500 Waynesboro VA N4CH 53.1500 Bedfrd/thax Mt VA N4CH 53.2500 Roanoke VA N4CH 145.2300 Bedford VA N4CH 224.1000 Roanoke VA N4CH 222.6600 Bedford VA N4CH 446.6500 Roanoke VA N4CH 444.3500 Bedford VA N4CH 1291.0200 Roanoke/poor Mt VA N4FHL 439.2500 Roanoke/poor Mt VA N4FU 442.1000 Martinsville VA N4IFC 442.2000 Lynchburg/t.row VA N4JNE 927.4875 Fancy Gap VA N4JNE 441.7000 Pops Peak VA N4PLV 224.8400 Bedford VA N4RAG 224.7400 Staunton VA N4RAG 224.3200 Buck's Elbow VA N4TZE 53.7700 Bedford/thndr VA N4TZE 145.2900 Lynchburg VA N4TZE 444.0000 Lynchburg VA N4UTN 146.8350 Rustburg/long Mt VA W4BAD 53.1900 Fancy Gap VA W4CBM 146.6700 Dublin VA W4JAS 224.2000 Hampden-sydney VA W4WRN 146.9700 Staunton VA W4WRN 444.9500 Staunton VA WA8O 224.9200 Bluefield VA WB8BON 443.6500 Roanoke/poor Mt. VA WD4BSB 444.6500 Christiansburg VA WD4KQI 444.7500 Forest VA WD4KZK 443.7500 Roanoke/airport VA AI4UK 145.3900 Lenore WV K8WRF 444.0750 Hurricane WV KA8OTX 29.6200 Beckley WV KA8OTX 443.8000 Oak Hill WV KA8SVN 145.1500 Clay WV KA8SVR 146.8050 Hurricane WV KB8BUC 146.6550 Upper Tract WV KB8EHJ 442.5750 Huntington WV KB8ODO 145.2500 South Charleston WV KB8PCW 442.7250 Gilbert WV KB8QHO 421.2500 Wheeling WV KB8QKM 442.9250 Charleston WV KB8URE 145.1900 Mannington WV KB8YDD 443.4750 Richwood WV KB8YDG 147.1500 Richwood WV KC7OSZ 444.7500 Hartmansville WV KC8AUY 443.5750 Richwood WV KC8ECX 146.8350 Cowen WV KC8IT 444.0000 Mullens WV KC8IT 444.4000 Alderson WV KC8IT 53.0300 Mullens WV KC8LRN 224.8000 Lewisburg WV KC8LRN 224.7200 Slaty Fork WV KC8LRN 224.4800 Craigsville WV KC8PFI 53.8700 Kenova WV KC8PFI 443.6000 Kenova WV KC8POU 53.0300 Culloden WV KC8RRI 444.4000 Cross Lanes WV KC8SDN 443.3750 Richwood WV KC8SDN 443.0750 Flatwoods WV KC8SDN 443.6500 Craigsville WV KC8SDN 443.6250 Richwood WV KD4JBY 222.1600 Slanesville WV KD8GL 146.7150 Sherrard WV KD8TC 443.2750 Stonewood WV KF8LL 146.9850 New Martinsvile WV N8CQQ 53.1100 Flatwoods WV N8ILO 444.1000 Parkersburg (oh) WV N8LVE 444.1250 Beckley WV N8PEI 53.7500 Marmt/charlstn WV N8SNY 443.7250 Welch WV NV8H 444.9000 Logan WV W8BS 443.4500 Belington WV W8COX 224.4000 Sutton WV W8CUL 146.7600 Morgantown WV W8CUL 444.8000 Morgantown WV W8CUL 53.4700 Morgantown WV W8FES 444.2000 Flatwoods WV W8HYX 444.5000 Hurricane WV W8IFL 145.4100 Union WV W8LGB 53.0300 Sutton WV W8MSD 444.5750 Wheeling WV W8VT 443.0500 Parkersburg (oh) WV WA4GSS 421.2500 Huntington WV WB8ECC 147.0300 St.marys/bens Rg WV WB8FEQ 145.2100 Huntington WV WB8NRK 147.2250 Princeton WV WD8LNB 53.4300 Grafton WV WD8OHX 147.1800 Leon WV WD8OHX 223.7800 Leon WV WR8M 224.1400 Williamson WV WR8M 145.3300 Williamson WV WV8AR 145.4100 Red House WV WV8AR 147.2700 Scott Depot WV WV8AR 444.2250 Red House WV WV8BD 53.1900 Alderson WV WV8D 147.3900 Lewisburg WV WV8ED 145.4500 Welch WV WV8RAG 147.3000 Harisvl/pensbro WV

73, John M. Crockett, Jr. W3KH SERA Vice President Chairman of the Frequency Coordination Committee


Effective January 2015 Full Membership with voting rights will receive one (1) Journal rather than two (2) The dues will not change. Hopefully this will prevent a increase in the price of the journal.

On Line SERA Full and Associate Membership Renewal by Credit Card

The SERA UCS (Universal Coordination System) is now ON LINE

Click on the hyperlink above and you will be directed to our Frequency Coordination page. Then scroll down until you see the header shown here.

Our first steps will be to allow for you as a repeater owner/trustee to register for use on our system. Other steps will be forthcoming.Please feel free to revisit our site as we release other implemented increments to our system. If you are a repeater owner/trustee, please follow the link above to begin your registration. Membership in the SERA is NOT required, but your support is appreciated!

ALL Questions regarding the new SERA UCS are to be referred to John Crockett, W3KH, Project Manager at: w3kh@sera.org

The President's Message to SERA Members:

I welcome you to the SouthEastern Repeater Association (SERA) webite. SERA provides voluntary frequency coordination for amateur radio repeaters in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. On this website you will be able to apply for a frequency pair for your repeater by using our new UCS system. As far as I know, we are the only frequency coordinating body to be 100% on line. We are now paperless. Our website also supplies band plans and points of contact for your state. SERA coordinators are trained and certified and they are fellow hams that volunteer their time to put something back into our hobby.

Other items of interest on the website are highlights of our quarterly publication, the SERA Repeater Journal, associate and full member applications, district information, and links to other coordinating bodies. Your membership dues can now be paid directly on our website by using your credit card. We do not charge for our services, however we do appreciate you supporting us by being a full or associate member.

Inquires regarding repeater projects or coordinations should go to your state representative; however, I welcome you to contact me if you feel a need to do so! Unfortunately we are not able to approve every request. This is due to our minimum distance requirements on same and adjacent frequencies. If you are the owner or trustee of a SERA coordinated repeater and have not registered in the new UCS System, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do this.

Roger W. Gregory, W4RWG
SERA President
119 Royal Oak Drive
Union, South Carolina 29379-9710
Home 864-427-1462

The SERA Board of Directors meets two times a year.
Read the Board Meeting Minutes Here.

Elected Officers:
- President - Roger Gregory, W4RWG
- Vice President - John Crockett, W3KH
- Secretary - Dr. Ron Johnson, WB4GWA
- Treasurer - John Davis, WB4QDX

Appointed Officials:
- Executive Committee Member (at Large) - Danny Hampton, K4ITL /and/ Technical Committee Chairman
- Membership Manager & Database Administrator - Dr. Mike Fariss, K4EZ
- FCC Liaison - Dr. Mike Fariss, K4EZ
- Repeater Journal Editor - Norman Schklar

P.O. Box 727
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

For documentation purposes we need your inquiries sent by e-Mail; however, if you have an urgent inquiry, our main contact number is: 888-HAM-SERA (888-426-7372). This is the only official internet web site approved by the SERA Board of Directors.

The SouthEastern Repeater Association, Inc.