SERA Districts - KY

A Note From Your Director

Hello! I am Tim Osborne your SERA Kentucky Director. Due to the abundance of two meter repeaters in Kentucky, it is a real challenge to coordinate any new ones. About the only way to coordinate a two meter repeater at this time, would be to purchase one from someone who already has one on the air, properly coordinated, and file for re-coordination in your name or your club's name. However, if you are in an area that is not already served by a two meter repeater, and you would like to coordinate one, I will try to accommodate you. Otherwise, please consider the alternate bands of 50 MHz, 222 MHz, 440 MHz, 907 MHz, or 1.2 GHz.

Thank You
Tim Osborne, K4TDO
SERA Kentucky Director

State Director & Vice Director - Your Frequency Coordinators

Tim Osborne, K4TDO
SERA Kentucky Director
Coordinating Eastern Kentucky
84 Harvey's Lane
Lost Creek, KY 41348
(606) 260-0275


Bill Call, KJ4W
SERA Kentucky Vice Director
Coordinating Western Kentucky
1515 Coles Campground Road
Murray KY 42071
(270) 753-7870 - (home)
(270) 293-0068 - (cell)


Repeater Journal Correspondent

John Farler, K4AVX
SERA Repeater Journal Correspondent
1264 Hall Mountain Road
Viper, KY 41774
(606) 476-9662

John Farler, K4AVX, is our contributing correspondent for all of Kentucky's amateur radio news. Contact John at his address shown below with newsworthy Kentucky information for the SERA Repeater Journal.


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