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Information from our correspondents in the field. If you have news that you want to be broadcast in the SERA Repeater Journal, scroll down below and contact your local district correspondent.

Behind the Repeater Journal:

The SERA Repeater Journal, our quarterly magazine, is the official voice of SERA and its members. The Journal is published in February, May, August, and November, and distributed to all members. Single copy sales are also available from dealers in the southeast.

Repeater Journal Regular Columns:

"Get The Hammer" - Let's get technical with Randy McKenzie, KK4EJ. Randy not only provides some good simple technical articles, but on occasion, he shares his own personal situations concerning working on transmitters, towers, and the work done by a RF field technician. It's great stuff!
"Nostalgic Wavelengths" by David Bower, K4PZT. If you love our history, you'll be delighted with David's articles. Whether it's a visit to Pearl Harbor and the radio rooms of the old ships, to the cockpits of World War II aircraft, or early amateur radio gear, David covers it for the Journal.
"EmComm Reflections" by Glen Sage, W4GHS. We welcome Glen as one of our new feature writers as he focuses on ARES/Emergency Communications in the Amateur Radio Service. Since the events of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, served agencies have tightened standards for ham radio involvement as emergency communicators. read more in Glen's columns!
"Tech Specs" by Mo Kittle, AD8T. Mo is transitioning from West Virginia State Correspondent to one of our feature writers. Check out Mo's articles coming to you from the mountains of Elkins, West Virginia.

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